Needles and Alum Bay One-Day Cruise

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The Needles

Starting in Cowes we sail west, passing between Hurst Castle and Fort Albert, with the Needles coming into full view on our port bow.

Our route then passes around the famous landmark to view the hidden gem of Scratchell’s Bay and the spectacular chalk cliffs below Tennyson Down.  Options then include sailing farther east to a lunch stop at Freshwater Bay, or sailing back for lunch in Alum Bay or Totland Bay, where lunch could be taken ashore at the Waterfront Cafe. This cruise passes dramatic cliff exposures that reveal the geology of the Isle of Wight in unsurpassed detail, a fascinating story that can be brought to life by your knowledgeable skipper.

Hurst Castle Isle of Wight
Looking south across Hurst Castle towards Totland Bay, Alum Bay and The Needles.
The Needles, Isle of Wight from above
Aerial view of Alum Bay and The Needles, with the chalk cliffs of Scratchell’s Bay behind bathed in sunlight. Tennyson Down extends from Scratchell’s Bay towards Freshwater Bay in the upper left of the photo.
Freshwater Bay Isle of Wight
Freshwater Bay.